eBook Pirate Sites

The links below are for the convenience of authors and publishers who want to oversee their protected copyrights.

Authors: Search the sites below for your author name(s) and book titles. If you find files over 175kb, chances are they are your entire book or ebook that's being shared. You can use the email addresses or links to forms to file your take-down order.

Take-down orders should consist of your legal and author names, the links to your works on their site or to the search page results from your name, your email address, and a clearly worded explanation that these are copyright works OWNED  by you and that you have not given permission to these members to share your works. You may want to add that you're willing to seek legal action if your work isn't removed within 48 hours.

Site                                                                         Report Piracy

http://www.4shared.com/  *                                       http://www.4shared.com/contact.jsp
http://www.astatalk.com/                                           http://astatalk.com/takedown-policy
http://www.demonoid.com/                                        abuse@demonoid.com
http://www.mininova.org/ **                                       copyright@mininova.org
http://www.monova.org/                                            monova.org@gmail.com
http://www.plunder.com/ ***                                       http://www.plunder.com/x/dmca/instant
http://thepiratebay.org/                                             They claim they will NOT remove material.

* 4shared.com - some downloads (under 100kb) are reviews clipped from Amazon or other sites. They may not be the actual complete work. Be sure to check before filing a take-down notice. Technically, the reviews belong to the writer and Amazon; they can take further action if necessary.

** Mininova.org - some links showing on this site lead directly to the book's Amazon page. It may not be an actual illegal download. Make sure you check at least one of your book links to ensure it is an actual case of copyright infringement before proceeding with a report of abuse.

*** Plunder.com has an "instant" take-down form that apparently works well.

Report pirate links:If you've come across a piracy site that is sharing ebooks but not on our list below, please email us with the following information: URL of website, URL to at least 1 ebook, your name and email address (we will not publish your personal information anywhere) and whether you are an author, publisher, other book industry professional or a reader.

Report an ebook piracy site.

Thank you on behalf of authors, publishers and book sellers everywhere.